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History of Commercial Production Company for processing wood , aluminum and plastics "Nura" in Presevo.

NTP Enterprise "Nura" starts its activity in the territory of Kosovo, namely in the village Pozharan Municipality of Viti, as private craft workshop for the production of wood products since 1968,  NTP also naming it "Presevo". This enterprise was established and started the activity in Kosovo  due to better profitability.

Until 1972, the Enterprise worked with this label, and during this period, she enjoyed the authority, and also made ??the image and made her own history. In 1972, changes the name and location of its headquarters . Enterprise entitled "Kosovo" and placed headquartered in Presevo, and as such acts until 1990, taking advantage of market Municipality Presevo and later to other municipalities. Until then the Enterprise only deals with(production) processing Wood, including: windows, entrance doors and rooms of houses, etc. Thanks to the excellent activity and high-quality products, in 1990, the firm increased her own activity and is placed in the path November 15 and also changes the name in NTP "Nura". At this location, the enterprise begins working in the 250 to 1997 m2 of working space extends to 500 m2. In these conditions, company prepares new investments that begins in 2004. NTP "Nura" primary has investment to expand the working space of 2000 m2 and furnish the most modern tools for the job. It is worth to mention that all investments, the enterprise performs on its own. Products, such as wood products, aluminum, PVC, Blinds, kitchens, and new products, since 19 April 2004, this enterprise places on the market with the denomination "Nuraplast". For our clients, these products are assambled by the company "Nura". Currently in this enterprise are employed 30 workers with an indefinite term. Our facilities have width of about 4000m2.

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